Cambodia: Does employee get paid before or after the holiday?

Employees or workers in Cambodia are entitled to paid public holidays. Every year, the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training issues the Prakas (ministerial order) determining public holidays applicable for all workers of all enterprises. Is the employee or worker paid before or after the public holiday?

Wage payment should be made before the holiday.

The Labor Law of Cambodia, Article 115, paragraph 3, reads:

Payment shall not be made on a day-off. If payday falls on such a day-off, the payment of wage shall be made a day earlier.

According to the above provision of the Labor Law, if the payday of wage falls on the public holiday, the employer should pay the worker a day earlier. 

For example, there are two times of wage payment per month. The first payment is made on day 14th and second payment is made on the day 28th of each month. Khmer New Year for the year 2021 which starts from 14 April to 16 April in 2021 is public holidays. Since the payday of the first wage payment in April falls on the day 14th which is a day-off of the worker, the employer should pay the worker on the day 13th of April which is one day before the New Year.

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