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Bancassurance business in Cambodia

Bancassurance refers to cooperation under the bancassurance agreement between banking and financial institutions (BFIs) and insurance companies in the distribution and promotion of insurance products or services through BFIs’ networks. Bancassurance business refers to the provision of insurance products by the BFIs on behalf of insurance company, but BIFs do not participate in creating the … Continue reading Bancassurance business in Cambodia

Employee’s obligation of confidentiality

This article discusses the obligation of confidentiality of employees or workers in Cambodia. Obligation of confidentiality refers to the duty of the employee to safeguard and not to disclose confidential information of the employer or enterprise to any unauthorized person. Confidential information, in general, refers to information which is not publicly known, such as know-how, … Continue reading Employee’s obligation of confidentiality

Cambodia: change of employer

Employer and worker are parties to the employment contract. Will the change of employer cause the termination of employment contract in Cambodia? The answer is NO. This article will further discuss this question based on the Labor Law of Cambodia. The followings are cases of the changes of employers: The employer passes away, his or … Continue reading Cambodia: change of employer


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