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What should be included in a contract?

Contract is formed by agreement of the parties regarding a cooperation, transaction, arrangement or relation. Based on the principle of freedom of contract, the parties have the right to decide the content of their contract. However, the content of the contract should not violate the compulsory provisions of laws, public policy or good tradition and … Continue reading What should be included in a contract?

Fines against violation of Labor Law: base daily wage

Fines against violation of the certain and defined provisions of the labor laws are set in multiple of the base daily wage. The base daily wage is the minimum wage determined by a Prakas (proclamation) jointly issued by the Ministry in charge of labor and the Ministry of Justice. (Article 360 of the Labor Law) … Continue reading Fines against violation of Labor Law: base daily wage

Cambodia: Labor Contractor

In the operation of their enterprises as well as business activities, entrepreneurs may use their own workers or the labor contractor or both. This article briefly discusses rules governing labor contractor and relationship among entrepreneur, labor contractor and worker of the contractor. According to the Labor Law of Cambodia, the labor contractor refers to person … Continue reading Cambodia: Labor Contractor

Jurisdictions of Labor Court in Cambodia

The Labor Court has jurisdiction over the settlement of labor disputes and any issues indicated by labor laws. Labor laws here refer to all laws and regulations governing employment and labor relations, including the Labor Law promulgated in 1997, the Trade Union Law promulgated in 2016 and the Minimum Wage Law promulgated in 2018. This … Continue reading Jurisdictions of Labor Court in Cambodia


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