This page aims at sharing short articles of laws and regulations in relation to business or commerce in Cambodia. A group of laws and regulations on formation, operation, transaction and closure of business is called Business Law. Business Law has been one of the subjects at universities and taught to students of laws and other majors. More than just a subject at universities, Business Law is the main focus of the state, business persons and consumers.

Due to diversity, complexity and flexibility of business, there are numerous texts of Business Law; and consequently, it is quite a challenge to understand all aspects of Business Law. Based on a view that many readers may not be interested in long texts with unfamiliar terms and complex sentences, articles of Business Law in this page are in plain English and in reasonable length. Readers who meet the cases as discussed in this page in their real lives should obtain comprehensive legal advice or opinion for their concerned cases from lawyers.


Unilateral termination of fixed duration contract in Cambodia

Can the parties insert a clause in their employment contract which allows either employer or employee to terminate the fixed duration contract before the expiry date? In this text, I am going to share my personal opinion on this question based the laws of Cambodia. Based on Article 414 of the Civil Code of Cambodia, … Continue reading Unilateral termination of fixed duration contract in Cambodia

Cambodia: Sabbatical Leave

Today I have done some researches and wish to share an interesting topic relating to an employment practice called “sabbatical leave”. Thanks to one of my friends who suggested this topic as assignment for my weekend research. I have reviewed the Labor Law of Cambodia which was promulgated in 1997. I could not find any … Continue reading Cambodia: Sabbatical Leave

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