Is foreign worker entitled to payment of seniority indemnity under the Labor Law of Cambodia?

I have written an essay on Seniority Indemnity Payment in Cambodia and posted it on 7 March 2021. In that essay, I have defined the “seniority indemnity,” compared seniority and dismissal indemnities and described rules on payment of seniority indemnity. In this text, I am going to share my opinion by trying to answer to above question.

Seniority indemnity is provided to a “worker” who is currently working for an employer under the labor contract of undetermined duration (UDC). The worker who has successfully passed the probation and has been working for the same employer from 1 to 6 months from date of becoming a full-right-worker status is entitled to payment of seniority indemnity. Seniority indemnity replaced the dismissal indemnity after the amendment of Article 89 of the Labor Law of Cambodia in 2018.

Pursuant to Article 3 of the Labor Law of Cambodia, “worker” refers to every person of all sex and nationality who has signed the labor contract in return for remuneration under the direction and management of another person (employer). Accordingly, foreign workers are also entitled to payment of seniority payment under Article 89 (New) of the Labor Law of Cambodia.

This text is not a legal opinion or advice.

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