Cambodia: Employees’ political activities

Are employees allowed to perform political activities at workplaces?

Pursuant to the Constitution of Cambodia, Khmer citizens have the right to participate in political life of the nation. (Article 35) They can be members of political parties or participate in activities to promote the political parties. Furthermore, they also have the right to vote and to be voted in the election. (Article 34)

Under the employment relation, employees are not allowed to do political propaganda, activities or demonstrations at the workplaces or companies. Pursuant to Article 83-B of the Labor Law of Cambodia, such activities are classified as serious misconducts of the employees. An employee who has committed serious misconduct may be dismissed by the employer or the company.

The Labor Law does not prohibit employees from performing political activities outside the enterprises. However, if their outside activities affect or cause negative influence on employees’ performance or obligation of attention and due care, employees may be subject to disciplinary actions to be taken by the employer or the company.

Can employers through internal regulations of the company restrict the employees from performing political activities even outside the enterprises or after the working hours?

The answer to this question would be debatable. To me, employer should be allowed to impose such restrictions due to the consideration that full-time employees are supposed to take rest and enjoy family life during the time-off. If the employees spend this time off to do something else, which causes health problems or poor performance, this would lead to considerable consequences on business operation of the employer or company.

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