Physical examination of Cambodian workers

This article provides overview on legal requirement on physical examination of Cambodian workers.

Pursuant to Prakas No. 429/20 dated 31 December 2020 on Physical Examination of Cambodian Workers, Cambodian workers of both sexes who do any occupation in factory and enterprise as stated in Article 1 of the Labor Law of the Kingdom of Cambodia must go through a physical examination. (Article 1, Prakas No. 429/20)

1. When will physical examination take place?

  • Examination before commencement of work: Before starting occupation, Cambodian workers must go for physical examination at Labor Medical Department or go for health check at any health center which is recognized by the Ministry of Health and is partner of Labor Medical Department. (Article 2, Prakas No. 429/20)
  • Examination during employment: Workers of factories and enterprises must go for physical examination every 2 years, except for any occupation or professional skill which requires special physical examination. Physical examination must be further conducted in special manner based on professional skills or high-risk occupations. (Article 5, Prakas No. 429/20)
  • Examination due to change of job, occupation and enterprise: When workers change their jobs or occupations which have working conditions different from those of previous jobs or occupations or change their jobs to new factories or new enterprises, the workers must receive physical examination again to suit those new jobs or occupations. (Article 7, Prakas No. 429/20)

2. What are the required documents for physical examination?

The worker concerned who goes for physical examination must bring with them:

  • one copy of occupation certificate of Cambodian workers and
  • one copied Cambodian identity card, or birth certificate, or family book.

(Article 4, Prakas No. 429/20)

3. Issuance of physical examination certificate

Certificate of physical examination must be issued by Labor Medical Department which is an entity in charge of examining, collecting and managing the data from the physical examination of Cambodian workers throughout the country as a basis for determining the type of occupational diseases. 

If the workers receive health check at the health center at the capital or provinces, the employer must request for the verification of the certificate of the physical examination from Labor Medical Department through the automated system, accompanied by the health examination results of the workers that are valid for not more than 6 months.  All results of examination on workers must be kept confidential. (Article 3, Prakas No. 429/20)

All costs for physical examination or health check and application for verification of the certificate of physical examination will be borne by the employer. (Article 6, Prakas No. 429/20)

In conclusion, Cambodian workers have to go through physical examination at Labor Medical Department or health check at heath centers before they start their occupations. Thereafter, they have to go through physical examination and health check every 2 years.

This text is not legal advice or opinion.


  • Prakas No. 429/20 dated 31 December 2020 on Physical Examination of Cambodian Workers, issued by Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training
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