1st Anniversary of Nop Legal

Today, November 30, remarks the first anniversary of the establishment of a Blog named “Nop Legal”.

Nop Legal was initially created for the purpose of sharing legal thoughts and opinions on laws governing businesses in Cambodia to students of business law class. Most of the texts at the time were written in English. In consideration to the fact that laws are important for everyone in the society, the texts have been written in Khmer language. Up to now, there are more than 50 articles published on the Blog together with certain laws and regulations.

Taking this exciting opportunity, I would like to express my sincere thank and appreciation to professors, friends, students and readers for your practical/critical questions and fruitful comments in public and private messages. I hope and believe that you continue supporting this Blog as well as to contribute more articles on business law to be published on this Blog.

Finally, I would like to wish you all the best wishes in the year ahead.

Best wishes,

Nop Kanharith

Doctor of Law, Nagoya Univesity 2013

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2 thoughts on “1st Anniversary of Nop Legal

  1. Thanks for squeezing every minute of your day to write and share your knowledge with us, Kanharith.


    1. I would also like to thank you, Bong Samphy, for your kind comment and advice.


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