Cambodian Labor Law: Internal Regulations

Employers who employ at least 8 workers must have internal regulations. (Article 22, Labor Law) Internal regulations refer to regulations of enterprises or establishments adopted by employers in consultation with workers’ representatives and visaed by labor inspector.

The regulations govern employment relations including the condition of hiring, calculation and payment of wages and perquisites, benefits in kind, working hours, breaks and holidays, notice periods, health and safety measures for workers, obligations of workers and sanctions that can be imposed on workers. (Article 23, Labor Law) 

The internal regulations must be in line with the labor laws and collective agreements. The provisions of internal regulations which suppress or limit the rights of workers as provided in laws and regulations in effect or collective agreements applicable to the establishment are void. (Article 25, Labor Law)

The internal regulations must be diffused and affixed to a suitable place that is easily accessible, on the premises where work is carried out and on the door of the premises where workers are hired. These internal regulations must constantly be kept in a good state of legibility. (Article 29, Labor Law)

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2 thoughts on “Cambodian Labor Law: Internal Regulations

  1. So much more needs to be done to increase awareness about this, brother!


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