Cambodia: Should a contract be signed in blue or black ink?

There are questions about process of execution of contracts in Cambodia. One of which is whether signing a contract by using blue-ink pen or black-ink pen affects the validity and enforceability of that contract?

It is a practice where parties sign the contract to confirm their agreement and validate the contract. Since each country has different practice/custom on the use of color of pen, businessmen who come to Cambodia may question on which color of the pens they should use to sign their contracts and whether the color of pen they use can affect the validity and enforceability of their contract.

Under the Civil Code of Cambodia, the contract is concluded and valid as long as the parties agree on the content of their contract. Accordingly, the signing of the contract in blue or black ink will not affect the validity and enforceability of the contract. However, as a matter of practice/custom, parties to the  contract should sign their contract by using blue-ink pen if their contract is to be performed and enforced in Cambodia or be submitted to competent authorities for obtaining approval/permit/licenses necessary for their business activities.

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